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YOG Sing! Singapore 2010!

Kindly help us by voting for our song! Here are 4 reasons why you should vote online:

1. Online voting contributes to 15% of the overall result. Online voting is FREE lah.

2. There's live voting that takes up 25%, which in my opinion is crappy. They measure the the votes by using a decibel detector. We didn't bring cargos of supporters with us at the semi-finals, therefore when it came to our turn, we had a miserable applause from the audience, possibly the lowest live votes. I think we deserve a bit more support than what we got. Perhaps if you can't make it to the finals on the 5th March, you can support by contributing to the online votes.

3. Support us, local talent!

4. We're doing his is for the Youth Olympic Games which is huge. Since we can't play sports, we'll sing about sports!

Friends, please help us. You're only a few clicks away from doing that. Simply log on to this website:

Scroll down to find our song "This Is The Day" and click on "Vote For This Song!" It won't cost you a single cent.

Thank you! =)


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